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11001 Records is a Berlin-based record label focused on techno, ambient, experimental and other forms of abstract visions.







We are year 11001.

Life on earth continues it’s perpetual evolution.

Humans are slowly exploring the depth of interstellar space.




You are among a few humans on board a shuttle traveling deep into the cosmos.

Surrounded by the unknown wonders of a distant galaxy you feel right at home.


Again and again, you look out onto new horizons previously unimaginable.

Understanding the more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know.


The journey has been a lifelong experience and arrival is yet to be determined.

Or perhaps ‘arriving’ is simply a time construct and in fact you’re constantly traveling and constantly arriving.




Since the year 2020, humanity has come together to share common beliefs.

Welcome fellow human to the continuous evolution of time and space.


The vibrations we call music connects us all to our most ancient self.

A transcendent form of communication which goes far beyond the languages cultures have created.


We are united by these vibrations which resonate throughout our senses.

In a grounding realization of our collective existence we are awakened.

Beyond our physical form we embody the universal consciousness.

In a dream like reality we are a manifestation of the universe.


In a dream like reality we are one with the music.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.


The future is now.



11001 is the binary number of 25.