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||| Collective Painting || Ambient || Yoga || Sound Bath Meditation || Deep Techno |||



We believe music, painting, yoga and meditation is the key to finding balance with our human nature. Our aim is to help individuals on the path to heal through art. We provide space for them to explore their creativity in order to heal themselves and in doing so to heal the world around them. Through the pandemic we have seen our cultural landmarks and social contacts reduced to leave many in tough mental conditions. We want to create a space to de-stigmatize mental health issues, a place to speak about and meet others who might be facing similar yet different struggles. We want to create an environment which makes every individual feel involved in this community.


Art plays a fundamental role in our daily lives. When we nurture our love for expression we stay rooted in the present moment, this allows us to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level. We propose to bring different facets of art together where the attendees are creating the decor of the event all together instead of arriving to ‘consume’ it.


The first day is dedicated to collective painting which will then be fixed all around the dance floor. We provide the paint and tools for everyone to express themselves together on different canvases. All day a selection of DJs and Live performances will play ambient music. The second day starts with ambient yoga & the third day starts with a Sound Bath Gong Meditation both morphing into deep techno. The weekend is all about connection through music and dancing.


Over the 3 days we propose a selection of Deep Techno DJs & Live performances with music for the mind, body and soul. Having everyone bond beforehand for a full day of collaboration is crucial to enabling a more profound connection through the festival. 


We provide access to all types of individuals including those with mental health or physical disabilities. We work closely with the needs of all participants and are ready to make extra accommodations when needed. Please reach out to us for any way. We hope this innovative idea can impact people’s lives for the better by re-connecting them with their inner child’s creative self. We hope everyone has the chance to meet like minded

individuals and share this moment in time together.

We are happy to invite you to this new festival concept which is funded by the Draussenstadt (Berlin). 

1st Artist Wave

Lucy’s Sound Bath Gong Meditation         

Desroi (Live) 

Joachim Spieth 

Ina Kacz


Avsluta (Live)


Jon Starks


2nd Artist Wave


Crossing Avenue  (Live) 


Valentin Ginies

Leon Korošec (Singing Bowls Live)

Acrartep (Live)             

Hypnotic Black Magic

o.utlier (Live)